Patryk Ptasiński

Information Technology Engineer.

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A little about myself.


My commercial IT experience started at highschool. I started as Junior Software Developer 5 years ago. Then I worked in Outsourcing company as Helpdesk/Software Developer. Until recently I worked as Helpdesk/Systems Administrator. Now I'm working full-time (and some in spare time) as Ruby on Rails + Ember.js developer.


Worked with many technologies including vmWare, Nagios, Spiceworks, SCCM+Active Directory, Sybase Afaria, Apache2 Http Server, Node.js, MySql, PostgreSQL and MongoDB. Programming languagues: C#, Java, Objective-C, JavaScript, CoffeScript, PHP, PowerShell, Bash, Batch and VBS.

My insight

Jack of all trades (master of none ). I learn and adapt quickly to new technologies. I have unusual point of view to problems and come up with solutions that are unique but surprisingly simple.

Current Projects

What currently keeps me busy? In short, I design and implement small or medium web applications in wide scope of view.

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GitHub: github.com/ipepe
Google Play Store: Patryk Ptasiński
YouTube: Patryk Ptasiński
Bitcoin Address: 1AmmKgtZmEhkmAcatvT9j4rAUciQ4LMCKe
Portfolio: Patryk Ptasiński

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