Patryk Ptasiński

Curiosity driven Fullstack Developer

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Curiosity-driven Full Stack Developer. Jack of all trades, master of none. Information Technology enthusiast since childhood. Published multiple packages in NPMjs, DockerHub and a few applications in Google Play Market. Rebuilt several two-stroke engines for sport/racing use. A dozen hours of performed live stream coding. 100k+ views on uploaded YouTube videos. Driving licence since the age of 16 with the result of 200’000+ kilometres driven to date. Hacktoberfest 2017 Participant. Cars and motorcycles enthusiast. Mobile games developer and Bitcoin and Blockchain user.


Senior Ruby Developer

Responsible for planning, estimating and distributing work in project, architecture and quality of code for medium Rails application related to 3D Printing. Created an online 3D models CAD editor.

Full stack: Bootstrap, Three.js, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Redis and Elasticsearch.

Related: Kanbanery, Capistrano, Integration, AirBrake (Errbit), Monitoring and GitLab.

Lead Ruby Developer

Technical lead developer in a big project related to the accounting. Managed team of 5 developers. Responsible for architecture, maintenance, deployment - whole system development life cycle.

Full stack: Bootstrap, EmberJS, Bower, NPM, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL and Docker

Related: Jenkins, Redmine, Capistrano, Vagrant, Integration, Monitoring and GitLab.

Systems Administrator and T2 Helpdesk

Performed second level on-site Helpdesk. Administrator of packages, applications and compliance for SCCM (2500 workstations) and on-site Aactive Directory managment (600 users and computers).

Related: DevOps, Zabbix, PowerShell, VBScript, Acronis, Hardware Inventory, SLA, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit.

24x7 Helpline Support

Responsible for supporting Paid SMS Gateway and part-time Helpdesk Support.

Related: DevOps, SLA, Linux, Nagios, Scripting, Hardware Inventory and Software Lincesing.

Outsourced Systems Administrator and Helpdesk

Responsible for the infrastructure of multiple client companies. Developed multiple small tools and applications in Java and C-Sharp.

Related: SLA, Monitoring, VNC, DevOps, Hardware and Software Technical Support.

Junior OpenERP Developer and Helpdesk Support

Created multiple OpenERP modules. Performed duties as Secondary Systems Administrator and resolved Helpdesk tickets.

Related: SLA, DevOps, Spiceworks, Monitoring, VNC, Python and MySQL.


Polish-Japanese Academy Of Information Technology

2012 - 2017

Engineer degree in The Faculty of Information Technology

Speciality: Networks of Mobile Devices
Thesis: Urban navigation based on WIFI location data
Advisor: dr. inż. Michał Tomaszewski

Related: Ruby On Rails, Big data, WIFI, Android, Geolocation, PostGIS

Academic High School under supervision of Polish-Japanese Academy Of Information Technology

2008 - 2011

Secondary Education

Speciality: Information Technology

Related: Java, SQL, UML



Together with colleague from design we created this scene in ThreeJS during hackathon in DaftCode. Merry Christmas!

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Skrimarket by Skriware

Printing and sharing amazing 3D designs. Created CAD in browser for building 3D models to print.

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Very big platform to manage accounting office. A web application that helps customers create invoices, manage employees and calculate taxes under supervision of accountants.

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Created over few weekends. This mind breaking game is quite addictive, although short... Maybe I will create a continuation for it one day?

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Foosball Open Ranking

In our company there was always a doubt who is the best in Foosball. So I created this ranking website to reveal the best players!

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